How Advert Manager Works

I'm new, what do I need to know?

Advert Manager brings together advertisers and channel owners, thanks to which some will be able to place ads quickly, efficiently and safely, and the latter will have a permanent, non-intrusive income.

Advertising placement

Pay for the result

We do not charge for placement on channels, you pay for unique users who click on the link in your ad.

How and where are advertising messages published?

Creating an advertising message, you can customize the subject and language of the channels on which it will be posted. After setting the limit of clicks and activating your ad. it will automatically be placed on the appropriate channels.

Ad tracking

After activation, you can see where your ad is located and fully track clicks on it, up to the location of each.


How is advertising on the channels?

Only one advertising message is published on each channel. The advertising message can change, so different announcements can be placed in it at different times.
A new advertising message will be published no sooner than 24 hours after the previous one was published, after which the old one will be deleted. Advertising messages are published in silent mode, the subscribers of the channel will not receive notifications about them.

How do partners earn?

Earnings from each ad is divided between the owners of the channels on which this ad was placed, in relation to the number of user clicks from each channel. Withdrawals can be made in the profile on the website or in the Bot menu in the Telegram.